Welcome to the Angler Management System,'s exclusive software for online fishing tournaments and fishing logs. The AMS is customized to be as simple and easy to use as possible, and has lot's of great features.

  • Online fishing logs to track your fishing activity.
  • Online catch-photo-release tournaments with automatic scoring, standings, and payouts based on catches you enter.
  • Site-wide and personal Hall of Fames and statistics for the best catches of each species across the site and by each angler.

Generally the AMS manages five things:

  • Anglers - The people catching the fish!
  • Trips - An excursion to catch some fish and repository of private information for your fishing log.
  • Catches - These are the fish you caught, species, size, pictures, and whatever else you want to record and share about your catching.
  • Tournaments - Online catch-photo-release contests where you can compete with other Anglers in a wide variety of formats for cash and prizes.
  • Comments - Anglers can make comments on catches and directly to each other.


  • The AMS tracks trips, catches, and tournaments on a per Angler basis.
  • Each Angler has a profile that contains registration information and other optional information such as boat, favorite lure, and location.
  • Use the Anglers menu under Community to view Anglers to view catches and hall of fames on a per Angler basis.


  • Trip records enable Anglers to save some private information only they can see relative to a collection of catches. For example location, tidal and weather conditions, and whatever other information you would like to record for your own private fishing log.
  • Trips are only viewable by the angler that created them when logged in.
  • A single trip can be linked to multiple Catch records. You can select the Trip a Catch is related to when entering or editing a specific Catch. When you enter a catch you can also select for the system to create a new trip record for the Catch. While everyone can see your Catches no one can see your Trips data but you.


  • Each Catch record represents a single fish caught although it can be used to represent a collection of fish using the description and count fields. For example an Angler may have a catch of a Red of Length 29", but have a Description in the Catch record that says he caught 8 reds, 4 in the slot with the biggest being 29". This Catch record would indicate a single 29" red for the Tournament scoring module but for your personal log would tell about all the reds caught on a given trip. You might have another Catch record for the Trout on that trip, and another for the Flounder. On the linked Trip record you would record the private details of the Trip such as info on where you fished, tides, water temps and other conditions you want to remember.
  • Catch records are public - everyone can see what everyone else has caught.
  • You can view Catches from the Catches menus and can select from viewing all catches, your catches (my catches), or you can look at a specific angler's catches from the Angler views.
  • A single catch can have multiple pictures. Just continue adding pictures when you create the catch or edit it.


  • Tournaments come in a wide variety of catch-photo-release formats including single fish and multi-fish with various scoring formats including length, weight, and number of spots.
  • Anglers enter tournaments and view tournament standings and stats on the Tournaments main page.
  • Tournament rules are specified on the Tournament page and are available to anglers pre-entry, during tournament, and after tournaments. Smart anglers always read the rules.
  • Tournaments begin on the start day at 12:01am and end on the final day at 11:59pm.
  • Anglers will take pictures of their catches on a measuring device (see specific tournament rules for allowed devices) with a unique token included in the picture.
  • Unique tokens are available 6 hours prior to the start of a tournament from the Tournament page. Each angler is assigned a specific unique token which must appear in the fish scoring picture(s). Anglers can print the unique token themselves or write the tokens on a card that is used in the scoring pictures. As long as the correct token appears in the scoring picture the fish will be scored. If no token is present the fish will be disqualified.
  • After fishing and photographing a catch with the assigned unique token, Anglers must enter the catch using the AMS. When the Catch is entered the Angler specifies the species of the catch, that it is a Tourney catch, and provisional scoring information about the catch.
  • The AMS automatically updates the tournament standings utilizing an Angler's best eligible catches. For example if an Angler has entered 3 different catches during a tournament the scoring system will automatically select the best catch and score it for the Angler.
  • The data an Angler enters on a tournament catch is provisional until the catch is reviewed's judges.
  • There is no limit on the number of catches an Angler can submit, either to his logs or for tournaments.
  • Anglers may upgrade their catches by fishing again and catching better fish. To upgrade a catch an Angler simply adds the new catch using the AMS and the scoring modules will pick it up automatically. There is no need to edit an existing catch. Therefore an Angler can have a complete fishing log and the system will automatically score the best catches that fit the tournament(s) entered.
  •'s judges review all tournament fish for compliance including verifying the unique token, applying fair and consistent evaluations of measurements, and verifying the validity of the image.'s judges have years of experience judging catch-photo-release tournaments and have forensic image processing tools at their disposal to assist in judging.
  • If the Angler is in multiple tournaments that use the same species a single Catch can count in several tournaments as long as the correct unique token(s) are in the scoring picture(s). For example if an Angler is entered in a Redfish-Trout-Flounder slam based on length, and at the same time is entered in a Trout tournament based on length, a single Trout Catch will be eligible to count in both tournaments. The Angler can either put both unique tokens (from each tournament) in a single measuring picture of the trout, ot take 2 individual pictures of the trout each with a different token and put both pictures in the same Catch record. Similarly if an Angler is in a Red-Trout tournament based on length, and a Red spot tournament based on the number of spots on a single side of a Red then a single Red can count in both tournaments if both tokens are in the scoring picture, and the Catch specifies the length and number of spots.
  • The AMS can also accomodate private tournaments for groups and clubs that want to cater to a private audience.
  • Tournament results are finalized within 48 hours of the end of a tournament and prizes are then sent out.


  • Anglers can make comments on each others' fish and directly to each other.
  • Use the handy comment links on any catch or angler page to voice your thoughts.
  • Comments appear on the individual fish catch pages, on each angler's comment wall accessible via the MyAccount menu tab, and on the overall site-wide wall via the Community menu tab.
  • Comments can be public or private. Public comments are visible by all anglers whether logged in to the system or not. Private comments are only visible by the receiving angler.
  • Please keep your comments clean and friendly!